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"We, the grassroot leaders, can solve our own problems if only given the resources and opportunities to get them done."

Toni McIlwain, President of Ravendale Community, Inc.

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About The Ravendale Team

Ravendale Community, Inc. is a Grassroot Non-profit Organization providing services for the community and is a place where Everyone Has A Right To Have Their Dignity Affirmed.

Our Mission:

The MISSION of Ravendale is . . .

. . . to provide an environment for residents to grow and prosper spiritually, intellectually, socially and economically.

. . . to encourage residents to contribute their time, talent and resources to the betterment of their community, so that all residents and visitors can feel welcome and comfortable in the community of Ravendale.

Our Vision For The Future Includes:

. . . To develop positive leaders so that Ravendale may continue to move forward and enjoy the betterment of their envirionment.

Our Projects and Accomplishments Include:

  • Educational Programs
  • Renovation of Homes
  • Nature Parks developed by Residents
  • Drug Education and Prevention Programs
  • Living Your Dreams Support Programs
  • Senior Programs

Team Bio:

personel bio pic Toni McIlwain: President and CEO, Ravendale Community, Inc.


personel bio pic Roger McIlwain: Maintenance and Security Supervisor


personel bio pic Ura Merriweather: Administrative Assistant


personel bio pic Brenadette Williams: Nifty Thrifty Sales


personel bio pic Susan Meadows: Nifty Thrifty Sales Assistance


personel bio pic Lance Johnson: Maintenance / Security


personel bio pic Thomas Craig: Maintenance