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Partnership For Change (P4C)

What is "Partnership For Change"?

"Partnership for Change" is a team of representatives from Detroit's Ravendale Community Center, Inc., and the Grosse Pointe Unitarian Church who have come together to honestly examine their similarities, differences and ideas, both on a personal level and a community level. Their ultimate mission is to create a bridge between these two very different communities and find new and exciting ways both can benefit by sharing talent resources and experience.

Who is involved in "Partnership For Change"?

is a service center that provides educational, community, and social services for adults, children, and senior citizens.  Its mission is to provide an environment for area residents to grow and prosper spiritually, intellectually, socially and economically.
Contact Ravendale Community Center
Call 313-527-1603
is a liberal church which emphasizes the search for spiritual meaning and accepts people of all creeds and beliefs.  It is committed to community service and promoting respect, justice and equality for all people.
Contact Grosse Pointe Unitarian Church
Call 313-881-0420

How can I become involved in "Partnership For Change"?

Visit each community and get acquainted.
Everyone has something to offer - no matter who they are, their skills and talents can be used for the betterment of the community.  volunteers are needed in all areas at the Ravendale Center.  Those interested can call or visit and sign up for activies of interest.

In The News

Partnership For Change introduced on WXYZ

February 23, 2011 
Les Lance, from Ravendale Community Center and Jean Ritok from Grosse Pointe Unitarian Church, members of Partnership for Change (P4C) appeared on WXYZ this evening to explain how they are "Bridging Communities". Click here to view video.

How Council by District Would Change One Neighborhood

February 17, 2011

This is a tale of two cities – the City of Detroit at the corner of Harper and Coplin, where Toni McIlwain runs a community center for nearly 40,000 residents.  Read more  . . .

WDET 101.9 talks to us about Champoins For Change

October 28, 2010
Rob St. Mary of WDET 101.9FM
, stopped by Ravendale Community Center on October 25th, 2010 and interviewed Toni McIIwain and several volunteers to get the real insight on the purpose of the Champions for Change. Click Here to play the interview.